Benefits of Coach Lead Sessions

Here at The Fitness Collective we look to offer the best of both worlds: coach led sessions, within a small group, to provide a personal touch to each session, but also a motivating and supportive environment.

So whether you are new to the gym or whether you are wanting to take your fitness and results to the next level coach led training, alongside the nutrition coaching we provide is assured to get you there.

If there is one common pattern and piece of feedback we receive from our members it’s how much the coaching element we provide is different than anything they have experienced before. Our members continue to smash through boundaries they haven’t managed to previously on their own or at other gyms. Whether this is a fat loss goal, a strength goal, or for many members a consistency goal where they have achieved coming to the gym consistently for the first time in their life.

Here are 3 benefits of our coach led sessions:

1. Efficiency

Our programmes are structured in order to provide effective workouts within 45 minutes. This means when members come in there is a consistent and progressive structure to each workout, and they can work on progressive overload and measure their strength and performance increases each week. Each exercise is instructed, and adapted to each individual and their specific needs or requirements. This way our members get the most out of each exercise, and ensure they are performing each exercise safely. The result? Better results in less time, and less injury risk.

2. Better Results

There is research that shows how personal training improves the results clients get, and can particularly help with improving performance. This is certainly something we have experienced anecdotally. By giving our members more confidence and ensuring members feel safe performing exercises we have seen them continuously increase their weights and build their strength. But without our team coaching them through sessions we find that people tend to stay within their comfort zones, and don’t progress as quickly. When we combine members improving their gym performance, and compound it with nutritional advice and education, with a supportive environment with like minded people we see great results!

3. Accountability

We know that one of the hardest parts of keeping fit is not just the workouts, it’s doing them consistently. One analysis of years of studies that looked at how well people stuck to their weight loss routines. What was interesting in this analysis was that they found that the more accountability the people had, the more likely they were to stick to their weight loss program[1]. Having a dedicated coach that has your best interest at heart, and to support you and keep you accountable to your goals is almost certainly going to sky-rocket your results. On top of which, once you book a session into one of our SGPT sessions through our app you’re more likely to turn up knowing that you are expected somewhere and have a coach that will be overlooking your progress.

So whatever your goal, we know that when you have support and expert coaching, your chances of achieving that goal are significantly higher. Whether you want to learn how to exercise safely and efficiently, or achieve a goal you have never managed to previously on your own, our advice would be to look for a coach, or team of coaches (as we have here at TFC) that can help support you in getting there.

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