Have you had enough of jumping around your living room?

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, since March 23rd the operation of the onsite health and fitness industry went in to temporary discontinuation. Therefore, gyms unfortunately went in to closing. The results of this lead the industry to transition in to online coaching via Zoom, Facebook etc. That proposed that coaches had to create training regimes on either limited or no equipment. This concluded with people jumping around their living rooms, running outside and lifting odd objects (we saw someone front squatting a coffee table once) in an attempt to maintain their fitness. In this blog, we will be reflecting the previous 5 months of lockdown in regards of members whilst discussing key points for our exciting reopening.

Reflective Piece.

The past few months have spouted interesting aspects of participation from our members. Relatively speaking, we discussed interactional theory and how situational and personal factors may influence motivation. It seemed apparent that some members motivation was based on the environmental factors of being in a barbell bearing room. Therefore, some people found it difficult to train in the same environment which was also there ‘wind down’ area i.e. their home. Despite this, members still managed to maintain a healthy nutritional lifestyle.

With that being said, some of our members have found online coaching to be a lifeline for them as some are key workers and therefore, needed that after/before work training routine. Moreover, one of our members had decided that she wanted to ‘smash press ups’ during the lockdown. She decided to work with one of our expert coaches and trained from May to July to achieve this goal. A final example is one of our amazing members managed to lose 7lbs during the lockdown as opposed to gaining weight. Conclusively, although some members need the gym to get the best out of their training, our members still benefited from having the support of our personal trainers and online community.

Fed up of jumping around the living room?

We understand that you may be becoming tired of the online classes after putting up with things such as your pets getting in the way of the camera, poor internet connection, having to ask the coach what they said multiple times and/or the lack of space/equipment.

It is with our excitement to announce that our opening date, July 27th is fast approaching us and we cannot wait to get those doors opened to our current and new members! The Fitness Collective have spent time behind the scenes focussing on the following factors to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe return to the gym:

Risk assessment

We can ensure you that the team are following government guidelines and have also taken on board the UK Active’s ‘Fit Together’ framework of providing a safe training environment where you feel protected. This includes:

· A one way system in and out of the gym;

· Training 2 metres away from each others;

· Having a cleaning station for each person that partakes in a SGPT or Team Training session;

· Reduced number of members for Team Training and SGPT sessions and;

· Plenty of ventilation.

Fundamental Based Training Programs

We are going to be completely bringing back the fundamental 9 concept back in to our training regime. We used this concept online – however, we have it back in its full glory with all of our equipment. We also understand that peoples strength may have regressed, so we ask people to slowly build up to where they once were back in march and do what they can.


Despite having some environmental setbacks, members have managed to flourish throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and have set and met their own personal goals. Moving forward from the pandemic, the team at The Fitness Collective are reopening on July 27th with safe measurements, new programmes and a welcoming environment for you to meet your fitness goals.

Together We Inspire

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