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Four ways to stay on track with your nutrition

As humans, we thrive off structure and routine, when our daily routine changes it can take some time to adjust and figure out a system that works best for you. For a lot of people, this will be a very real struggle due to the current curveball life has thrown at us. At The Fitness Collective, we realise your diets may be adapting too.

Many factors influence our nutritional choices; from our surrounding environment, the amount of sleep we get, the stresses we encounter on a daily basis and especially our level of boredom. Below is a list we have comprised of ways to help you take control over your nutritional habits during this new lockdown situation we find ourselves in.


This is something that you should try to keep constant where possible, it’s easy given the circumstances to fall into bad habits of sleeping in and going to bed late. However, it is important to maintain control of your blood sugar and digestion to stick to your routine. Try having set sleep and wake up times, whether you’re working from home or away or indeed not working at all.

Meal routine 

This can be valuable when trying to uphold structure in your days. It doesn’t matter how many you decide or what time in particular but try to have some ball-park times to aim for as a general guideline to reduce endless consumption throughout the day. Try scheduling 3 meals and 2 snacks to start with, and adapt as you go to find what works best with your appetite.


This is likely to be the biggest struggle for most individuals when they’re stuck at home, all habits seem to go out the window. Try to consume an adequate amount of water in the morning, either upon waking or with your first meal so that you’re not playing catch up for the rest of the day. Maybe think about having a large bottle with you at all times that requires less filling up. 

Keep busy 

Especially if you are off work for the foreseeable future. Boredom eating is not a habit you want to develop- there is nothing mindful about eating when you’ve got nothing else to do, this can sometimes develop unhealthy relationships with food. A great way to avoid this sounds simple but stay busy! Give yourself tasks to accomplish throughout the day no matter how small they seem.

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