Motivation Part 1 – An introduction

Understanding motivation can be a complex field to understand. What is it? Why do we feel motivated or unmotivated and how can I manifest my motivation? The questions go on. In the first part of this blog series, The Fitness Collective are going to define, examine and also apply motivation so that you can feel…well-motivated!

Motivation can be defined as the direction and intensity of a person’s effort. The direction is to seek out, approach or be attracted to certain situations; whereas, the intensity is the amount of effort exerted towards a certain situation. To illustrate, a Doctor may be attracted in joining The Fitness Collective, not just for its training facilities, but for its 200 Degrees coffee. However, the intensity of the participation at the gym may be dictated by their desire to lose weight for an upcoming event. Conclusively, the direction is seeking the attraction whereas the intensity is how hard you commit to the attraction.

Interactional View

A lot of Exercise Psychologists agree that motivation within people isn’t just from their own personal factors such as needs or goals. Additionally, they also suggest that motivation is not solely based on situational factors such as coach-style or facility attractiveness. They believe that motivation is widely based on a combination of personality and situational factors.

Let’s create a scenario; Jane is personally motivated to go to the gym to lose 18lbs for her wedding day. However, she gets feelings of anxiety due to not thinking she is competent in a big box gym by her self. The situational motivator would be to train in a gym with a friend or in a small group environment. Therefore, Jane may be more likely to partake and sustain an exercise program if she was in a Small Group Personal Training or 1-2-1 Personal Training setting. The implications of this could be that Janes grows confident, becomes more self-determined, and last but not least, loses those 18lbs for her big day!

Below is a table of both Personal and Situation factors that you may be able to relate to.

The team at The Fitness Collective treat all our members like grown-ups. We talk to you, we get to know you, we try to get an understanding of why you are training with us, what you want to achieve and provide you with an environment to allow you to achieve it. We ensure to provide a premium setting for you to partake in our Small Group Personal Training or Team Training sessions with state of the art heart rate monitoring equipment, the latest training facilities, results-based training and an amazing group dynamic; lets also not forget all the 200 degrees coffee you want.

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