Our Covid-19 Home Workout Guide

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

At the Fitness Collective, we understand that staying in the house is hard for people- especially if you are used to working out regularly! That is why we have created a home workout guide, that can easily be followed by anyone! We have included a large section of bodyweight workouts, however, adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells are cost-effective but extremely useful bits of kit to have at home, they can really open up a huge variety of other exercises for you to try. If you can’t access these right now- no worries, you can still complete the workout!

How to use your workout book.

Our workouts are split into bodyweight, kettlebell and dumbbell. Depending on what kit, if any, that you want to use then you will know which section to use. There are some super quick workouts and some longer workouts. Within each section, there are different styles of workouts for you to choose from. They can be mixed together. For instance, you might do a chipper workout that takes you 15 minutes, then decide you want to add on a 5-minute AMRAP or you might do a dumbbell circuit then do 2 ladder workouts to finish. The choice is yours! We hope that you can use it to kill some time and hopefully keep your fitness levels up too.

Types of workout

CIRCUITS – work through the circuit for stated amounts of repetitions and sets.

CHIPPERS – work through each exercise only once, don’t move onto your next move until you have completed all your reps. Go as fast as you can through the workout! Time how long it takes you then the next time you do the same workout you can try and beat your time.

LADDERS - work down from 10/20 reps of each exercise to 9, to 8 to 7 etc. Can go in 2’s if you need to make it a little easier, but challenge yourself! You can also work back up the ladder if you really want to push the boat out...

SUPER SET or TRI SET – 2 or 3 exercises done back to back with little or no rest in between them.

INTERVALS – Use an interval timer on your phone, download one for free from your app store. There will be work and rest times given as well as the number of rounds given for each workout.

AMRAP – you do As Many Rounds as Possible in the given time! Simple!

FINISHER......... short nasty mini workouts to literally finish off your workout, be brave!

If there is an exercise you don’t know in a workout, simply swap it for one you do know! Or, you can easily find a Youtube tutorial teaching you how to do it! Use this book as inspiration. Have a bit of fun with it and play around with exercises. Challenge yourself- you may get frustrated being inside- as I’m sure a lot of us are, but you can still aim to keep your fitness levels up and maybe even focusing on your fitness will help!

Check out the guide for the full workout! For our members, we are still doing video workouts and keeping track of members and how you are performing!

Interested in finding out more about our home workout guide and joining the community? Simply head to our contacts page, fill out your details and one of our team will be in touch. Together we inspire

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