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Vitamin D for fat loss and gaining muscle

Vitamin D is vital for maintaining a healthy body and developing strong bones while offering positive effects for your cardiovascular system. Some studies have established a connection between a deficiency in vitamin D and an increased risk of breast and colorectal cancer.

Other studies have linked the levels of vitamin D with autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes. The benefits of vitamin D were unknown in the past because it is also a hormone, it is important for numerous body processes. There are receptors located in as many as forty different tissues including the pancreas, immune system cells. Heart brain and muscles.

When this is combined with the potential for helping prevent the common cold and memory loss, it is no surprise weight gain in the abdomen can potentially be prevented with this super vitamin. Vitamin D can even aid in the prevention of prostate cancer.

The health benefits of vitamin D 

Eating less: When you have a good level of vitamin D, more leptin is released by your body. This is the hormone that notifies your brain when you are full. The more vitamin D you have the less leptin meaning you will most probably eat more.

Burning fat: When your blood contains an adequate level of vitamin D, your fat cells work more slowly when producing and storing fat. When your levels of vitamin D are too low, your calcitriol and parathyroid hormone will both increase. This is undesirable because your body will collect and store additional fat as opposed to burning it off. Vitamin D can help with fat loss all over your body. This is especially true for your stomach. Studies have shown the majority of weight loss due to vitamin D is in the stomach.

Lean body mass: a deficiency in vitamin D can result in increased fat mass and muscle weakness. A study conducted in 2010 showed a lack of vitamin D can cause an increased infiltration of fat in muscle. Vitamin D is extremely important for maintaining lean body mass, muscle and preventing fat from developing in muscle.

Reducing insulin resistance: Consuming supplements and foods rich in vitamin D is proven to decrease your resistance to insulin while improving your insulin sensitivity. This means the symptoms of diabetes can be counteracted by your body. A deficiency in vitamin D has been connected to insulin resistance. This can result in overeating and hunger.

Improving heart health by losing weight: Studies have shown a diet containing dairy with vitamin D and calcium increases weight loss by seventy percent when compared to a diet with less of these nutrients and the same amount of calories. Studies have shown high levels of this vitamin increase the benefits achieved through weight loss. The cardiovascular risk markers such as triglycerides are improved.

The simplest solution for the majority of health issues currently known is vitamin D. This should be a daily nutritional staple for every diet. You can optimise your level of vitamin D by getting enough exposure to the sun each day. When this is not possible, your best option is taking vitamin D supplements.


The moment your skin is exposed to sunlight, the vitamin D in your body is activated. This produces a type of vitamin D that will remain in your bloodstream for twice as long as when you consume it in a supplement or food. The issue with sunlight is skin cancer. For your body to produce enough vitamin D, you would have to be in the sun between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. every day without using any sunscreen. Even if the issue of skin cancer was removed, the amount of vitamin D your body can produce is dependent on the sunlight for each location.

Foods rich in vitamin D 

Fatty fish: Fatty varieties of fish including mackerel and salmon have four times more vitamin D when compared to leaner varieties like white fish. Oily fish also provides your body with omega-3 fatty acids. This works with vitamin D to help inhibit the growth of cancer cells while enhancing your weight loss. The protein in fatty fish will also help suppress your appetite.

Eggs:  Eggs are similar to fatty fish because they contain protein, omega-3s and vitamin D. This is the reason why consuming one egg with your breakfast can decrease your appetite all day long and decrease your calorie intake. This can lead to a 65 percent improvement in your weight loss.

Dairy: Milk products contain both vitamin D and calcium. This decreases your fat-storage hormone levels. Dairy also contains a lot of an amino acid called leucine. This enhances your fat-burning capabilities while stimulating your muscle growth. The leucine and vitamin D may be the reason why sources of dairy have double the effectiveness of enhancing weight loss as calcium supplements alone.

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