Hi, we're The Fitness Collective

The complete fitness experience in the heart of West Bridgford.

A lifetime of friendship with a shared passion for fitness; four mates had a vision of what they wanted to create when they started to develop The Fitness Collective.

Training and working in gyms and studios throughout the UK and Australia have made us want to stand out from the crowd and do things differently. Too many times we have seen members grow bored of training methods or feel intimidated and quit. We wanted to shake things up and design a customer centred service which caters for all abilities, where people achieve results they never imagined possible.

With an ethos that puts our member's results and experiences at the forefront of everything we do, The Fitness Collective could begin to take shape.

Our studio bridges the gap between large corporate gyms where members are just another number and small boutique studios that promote only one form of training. Our researched and tested methods allow us to deliver world-class customer-tailored and varied programs, which encompass three core fitness elements; strength, stamina and flexibility.

We understand that people lead busy lives and don’t have hours to spend in the gym. Therefore, our programmes are structured and coached in a way that allows members to get through a lot of work in a relatively small amount of time. Concentrating on full-body, multi-joint movements, in a fun and welcoming environment, for an efficient and effective workout every time you train.

We control our membership numbers and provide small group personal training sessions, every hour throughout the day. When we say small group personal training sessions (SGPT), we mean exactly that; our members will never train with any more than three other people in a session. Our team training classes add a slightly different dynamic with an emphasis on improving cardiovascular and flexibility performance and are in place to complement our SGPT sessions. All sessions are led by industry-leading coaches and our user-friendly booking system ensures our members can take control and train at their convenience. Our members also receive nutrition advice and guidance in order to gain the best results possible.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Does this sound right up your street?

Start your 30-day experience today.

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