Why Small Group Personal Training?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

We believe that there will always be space for a 1:1 Personal Training model. People with significant restrictions, a severe lack of confidence, or the very wealthy- 1:1 is maybe the way forward in the short term.

But Small Group Personal Training (one coach to four members) is far-and-away the most effective model for 95% of Members in the Modern Training Gym.

So why choose SGPT over 1:1?


For both client and coach, SGPT allows us to schedule set sessions – and any member can attend any of these, making scheduling hassle-free.


SGPT comes hand in hand with an established ‘house coaching style’ and programme blueprint. This means that whichever coach that the client books in with, they’ll always get the same, outstanding experience – and optimal results.


SGPT works out as better value for the client – and for the gym owner. Done well, it will provide a reliable monthly receivables base for the business that forms the foundation for growth and scale.


We find that in 1:1 PT, the relationship can get in the way of the training – plus, it can be difficult for clients to stay motivated over time. Working in small groups is really engaging for members, introducing camaraderie and competition into the training experience.

Results from SGPT are at least as good as those from 1:1. SGPT drives long term member improvements that stick and drives retention through member engagement.

To learn more click on https://www.thefitnesscollective.co.uk/30-day-experience and get your 30-day experience underway. Check out our fitness E-book here to give you more information.

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