Real people achieving real results, hear what our members have to say about their experiences at The Fitness Collective.

Jacqui & Claire

Results Focused Training For All

Efficient and Effective Training

Lack of time is the most common reason people cite for not going to the gym. To combat this our programmes are designed in order to get a lot done in a relatively small amount of time.  

Simple Nutritional Advice

Members can follow our nutrition guide to get the basics right and can book in for 1-1 sessions when they require more specific help. 

Latest Technology

We encourage members to use heart rate monitoring technology both inside and outside of the gym, this provides our coaches with valuable feedback for each individual’s programming. 


We believe that every session should be fun, and we encourage our coaches and members to have fun and make sessions enjoyable.

Quality of Movement

We focus on performing exercises with the correct technique and do not rush our members to progress by increasing the difficulty of the workout at the expense of the quality.

Strength, Stamina and Flexibility

We believe that everyone can benefit from increasing their relative strength, increasing their stamina and enhancing their range of motion around all joints.


We believe in educating our members, everything we do is done for a reason. We want our members to understand why we do what we do.


Our 6 x 6 model incorporates a wide variety of movements to ensure all muscles are stimulated.