TFC’s busy man’s guide to getting fit

Life just appears to keep getting busier and busier, there’s always something to do, or somewhere to be. But even as a busy male, you can still get into the shape of your life, we know this because many of our members have done just that.

We know where you are, you work long hours, your energy is in the floor, food is just something to keep you going, you no longer feel strong, and your clothes don’t fit like they used to. You may wish you could train or be in shape like you used to be, but you don’t have 90 minutes to spend in the gym every night like you used to and playing football with the lads is no longer an option. 

We’re here to tell you it’s still possible to get into the shape of your life, and get that good feeling back, that feeling of boundless energy, clothes filling out where you want them to, and feeling sharp again. Many of our members are busy working professionals with hectic lives.

One of the main obstacles our busy men face is time, they used to work out for 90 minutes in their younger days, and use the weekends to play football, and they just don’t have this time anymore. Family and work life have taken over and priorities change over time.

Which is why our workouts are designed to be as effective as possible and 45 minutes long. This way we get everything you need and you are in and out in under an hour. Knowing that not only have you got an effective and structured workout done, you have done it efficiently and with any injuries or aches you may be experiencing in mind. This is where our coaching sessions that run on the hour every hour from 6am to 7pm, are the answer to many problems or challenges men face.

When you are doing things correctly, you’ll often find you can’t do as much anyway, and you’ve packed as much quality workout time into 45 minutes, than you may have done in 90 minutes previously.

When it comes to nutrition, we also have got you covered. Upon joining TFC you will be assigned one of our dedicated coaches, who will oversee your journey and help you to design a framework to ensure your nutrition is supporting your goals. Not only does this mean you now have someone in your corner supporting you, you’ll also get nutrition advice to help you cut through the confusion and focus on what you need to in order to get results! This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, or to complex, simple consistent changes are key here.

Education – We know that if you know the why and the how, the doing becomes much easier. We want to educate our members on a range of topics so not only are they progressing to their goals, they know the reason behind what we do, they also are developing the knowledge and skills in order to maintain their results long term. 

Lastly, being in an environment of like-minded people to help inspire you and motivate you is what helps support your journey. When you are around people that are rooting for you, and sharing their own experiences, you are in an environment of growth, which is key to success.

We are a results based gym, so we look into using a variety of measures such as our inbody scanner so we can keep a close eye on your results. Having the ability to see changes in muscle mass and body fat and not just a number on a scale allows us to make much more educated decisions to ensure you are continuing taking leaps towards your goal.

If you’re busy and struggling to see results, why not try our foundation programme.

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