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The Fitness Collective

Who we are.

Our story.

In 2020, we opened the doors to a unique personal training gym in central West Bridgford.
A place where a phenomenal team of coaches would create a fitness experience to empower members to transform.  A gym where members learn to take control of their fitness, health and well-being.
They learn to redefine a lifestyle. 

Together we inspire.
We coach, we motivate. Together we achieve

The Fitness Collective was founded by Nik, Martin, Graeme, and Tim, a group of close friends with a shared vision to disrupt the health & fitness market with something unique.
Their journey took a pivotal turn when Nik, after overcoming bone cancer, decided the time was now to change his career and pursue fitness. It was this life-changing experience that gave them the inspiration they needed to bring something new to the Nottingham personal training and fitness scene.

Founded by.

Martin Foster and Nik Gibbons - the driving force behind The Fitness Collective.

Our coaches.

Our awesome coaches embody the core of our identity and the impact we are dedicated to bring to the lives of our Fitness Collective members.

JT, Heather, Matt, and Michael bring a unique and highly experienced approach to support and ensure their members achieve and maintain their health and fitness objectives.

Their dedication is fundamental to who they are. It's their ability to create a feeling of community and the infamous banter that makes The Fitness Collective one of the leading personal training gyms in Nottingham.

Our vision - now & the future.

For now, through expert knowledge and our commitment to continuously evolve our member experience, we will refine and enhance what we can bring to the Nottingham personal training scene.

Our vision for the future will see us introduce our distinctive Fitness Collective concept to locations across the East Midlands.

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