You’re never going to reach your goals if you’re hiding at the back of a class or, worse, stuck on a cross-trainer not really knowing what you’re doing.


We’ll never let that happen. Whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, our team of industry-leading coaches are here to help you make the most of your time in the gym by giving you guidance, motivation, accountability and support as part of a focused, personalised training programme.


The idea of a one-to-one relationship might seem good, but too often, the momentum fizzles out.

With a small group of no more than four, you get the same level of attention but with a fun and inspiring group dynamic. It’s feeding off other like-minded members that spur you on and on.

It’s also a more flexible and less expensive option, allowing you to make the most of the other parts of your gym membership like our classes. At The Fitness Collective, personal training isn’t an alternative to gym membership and group training; it’s all wrapped up together in one effective results-driven package.


In addition to small group personal training, members also benefit from: team training and full access to the gym. 

Our team training classes have been designed for great results across our 3 core elements of fitness (Strength, Stamina and Flexibility). Each session will incorporate all elements with our sweat class more focused on cardio, our strength class more strength-focused, our stretch class focused on flexibility and our SSS class is a mixed method of all 3. All our Team Training sessions have a maximum of 16 members per class to ensure a first class quality of coaching.


A more strength-focused class that will work all major muscle groups across all planes of motion to ensure a balanced training session. Efficient and effective work and rest periods ensure everyone can work within their own capabilities to get an excellent full-body strength session.


Stamina focused sessions deliver a mix of high-intensity cardio and moderate-intensity multi join bodyweight exercises. A coach is always on hand for technique and motivation. Sessions are varied but are based on Heart Rate training zones that are proven to maximise performance.


100% Recovery and Replenishment. Think mobility, flexibility and yoga type flow moves to help the mind and body recover, repair and reduce the risk of injury.


Strength, Stamina and Stretch: This class will feature all 3 of our core training elements in equal measure in one session. We build strength, sweat it out and then stretch to leave the session feeling ready for more. 

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