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The Fitness Collective

  • Nik Gibbons


If you’re waiting for the perfect time to start your fitness journey, then we’re here to tell you there isn’t one. And in fact this way of thinking may actually be one of your biggest obstacles.

If there is one common pattern we see, it is this all or nothing or perfectionist thinking. One aspect of this line of thinking is the intensity mindset, believing we need to do everything, or whatever we do perfectly in order to see results. But what does this so often result in? People not taking action at all, or even putting off their goals.

We can start to see the result of this: we never do achieve what we wanted to!

There is never a perfect time to start working on your fitness journey, but if you don’t start now, when will you?

Something is better than nothing, something takes you forwards, even if it’s a tiny step. Nothing doesn’t move us anywhere, nothing may actually mean we are moving backwards

This may mean starting small, with something that isn’t overwhelming, and bridging the gap between doing nothing and doing everything (as this is not what we need to do to get results). If this means starting with a 15 minute walk a day, that’s a great start, and when you start to see the benefits of taking this time for yourself, getting daylight and fresh air, you may want to increase this further. This may mean starting with just 2 gym sessions a week but doing them consistently. 2 Sessions a week that fit into your lifestyle, and you can do consistency is better than 6 sessions one week, and 0 sessions for the following weeks.

Consistency beats intensity

Intensity – this is the common approach, we set ourselves some exciting goals, we join a new gym, we even find a new diet that promises the world. And we GO ALL OUT. We’re talking going from 0 sessions a week to 5 sessions a week, from eating whatever we want, to chicken and salad 3 times a day. The first week or so goes great, but then this is hard to sustain, the next week, we only manage 3 sessions, and we feel like we are failing. Then we force ourselves into 6 sessions the week after the make up for last week and boom, we get injured. The restrictive nutrition approach also has an expiration date, we soon become bored and unsatisfied with meals, and we miss including some of our favourite foods. Being so strict becomes unsustainable. Before we know it, we’re back to our old habits, and feel like achieving your goal is an impossible feat.

A little bit everyday (consistency), beats everything then nothing (intensity).

This isn’t necessarily a lack of will power, but more of an approach that isn’t set up for success. Instead of working healthy habits into our lifestyle, we are trying to fit ourselves into what we perceive to be what we need to do to get results, or ‘perfection’.

We have to be realistic with our plans and our expectations.

The hardest part is getting started, which is why we’re encouraging you to start small and build up. You can view this like trying to push a boulder up a hill, every time you start again you are starting from a dead stop, it’s hard to get started, and feels harder every time (particularly from a motivation perspective). But if we make a start and keep the boulder moving even if it’s the slowest or smallest amount, that’s more progress, and easier to maintain. Over time these continuous small steps lead to bigger steps, this 1% better each day compounds over time.

This is where getting support can help, support from friends and family, or support from a coach. There is going to be some resistance, and some challenges, life is never smooth. But having someone to support you through this process and guide you through challenges ensures you keep progressing towards your goals.

This is why our members, even at this time of year, are still progressing and chasing their goals.


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